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released April 17, 2014

recorded by hans zimmerman
mastered by josh bonati
laura pallmall, tj cinnamons, al pastor, otto parts, fellatio sanz



all rights reserved


Blotter Austin, Texas

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Track Name: No Country for Old Kids
tried living for today but I came too late relive my days but I still can’t relate tried playing catch up and I got the bends so many futures but no fucking ends

it’s not nothing it’s not one thing not just some things don’t know where I’d begin

lost it but I cannot quit this ain’t no country for old kids

stunted prophet I don’t see nothing ahead grew up so fast just to die a slower death

no memory what history no past did nothing
Track Name: Life Among Sausages
born in an hollow skin cultivated a public image gave your life to made up roles you lost control your whole persona’s a prison servant to appearances an irony Olympian sincerity aborted all reality averted a cry for attention you won’t get it

a human casing filled with shit

your mirror your noose too late to face the truth another day another part to play

death by disguise an oblivious suicide complied until you broke your free thinking my sick joke
Track Name: A.U.M.
ever notice the stories you tell all seem to be about evil we’re fucked but you don’t apply your bedtime lullaby

culture’s sick but you’re immune deaf to your own fucking tune don’t waste anymore time your world just ain’t the same as mine

don’t try and reason with me don’t try and make me see don’t put yourself in this position not human my condition

the record spins the needle homes your veins know they can’t hold your blood my liquid word break you down rearrange your nerves

nonexistent all projection byproduct of fucked perception dosed Bible underneath my tongue and I speak for fucking everyone

you’ll never reason with me you’ll never make me see can’t put yourself in my position not human that’s my condition
Track Name: Gunboy Rover
I see no fun in fun see no good in anybody right from wrong your guess as good as mine a wild card in a house of lies

time use my mind like a drum my past all I cannot become
beating the skin till it stays clean no waking no sleep

headcase prototype two eyes no sight

mental fever psychic reaper memory seizure nerves in ether
I’m on a lucky streak but six good days still ain’t a fucking week

living on the bottom line wrong from right who’s got the time fed lies I’m hunger high my future’s mine my customized decline
Track Name: The Shit
I need nothing I need less than your patronizing tolerance shut your mouth fuck what you heard forget the church I’d rather watch you burn

fuck the cops glad we agree but fuck you too let me repeat fuck you and your false solutions high and mighty self-delusions

jaded disgusted make myself disgusting live off your confusion your future’s my target

so much shame and so much guilt for people who do so fucking little you’ve got my word so rest assured it’s not the church it’s you I wanna burn