by Blotter

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laura pallmall, al pastor, tj cinnamons, otto parts, fellatio sanz


released December 12, 2012

recorded by Hans in Austin, TX



all rights reserved


Blotter Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Intro / All Dogs Go to War
nowhere to run too fucked to hide not even human enough to die i had to mutate survive the lies / not dead and i won’t be buried memory is the disease chase the sickness past life do more than survive / i will not die with this country foreign body you reject me no releases i’m in pieces they’re all coming after you / floor to floor door to door wake the weak make them speak voice in my head’s getting hoarse dead end no shit staying this fucking course / won’t run won’t hide do more than survive
Track Name: Nothing Left to Learn
i’m a simple man no amusements anymore one foot out the door can’t remember which all alone but i’m dying trying to hide in a line out of time my design nothing left to learn / got eyes in the back of my head i’m blind all they see’s my own brain everything makes too much sense this is how the world ends my tongue turning on me all my words come out diseased rot in my own rhythms heads a fucking slum i can’t see my hands inside out they’re turning back pulling out the innards nothing left to learn
Track Name: Gossip Girls
stupid people saying stupid shit men without a country skeletons without a closet feeding time living off of gossip living in a tabloid feeling fucking paranoid / no fuck you and your rumors i don’t give a shit what you heard all your words are meaningless no clue what’s important how you want what you want it’s not worth shit there’s no secret here i know how you’re gonna die spaces between headlines scare you to death
Track Name: What If It Was Purple?